The Sun

The sun inexhaustible source of energy without which life could not exist. Its radiations towards the Earth make possible natural processes such as photosynthesis, rain, wind and sea currents, in addition to the formation of non-renewable fossil energy resources such as oil, gas, coal, etc.


For many years we have used these sources of energy in an increasingly irrational way and we have reached a point where, if consumed at this rate, they will be exhausted quickly, without taking into account the ecological damage caused to the Earth, as well as environmental pollution. which affects our health. From the above, it is understood that it is increasingly urgent to have sources of energy to replace or support conventional fuels, so it is also urgent to have devices that convert solar energy into useful energy such as electricity and thermal energy, satisfy different requests.


On the surface of the earth, nature has endowed humanity with a virtually unlimited source of energy. Today we already have the techniques and the knowledge necessary to develop this important natural resource: solar energy.


That's why it's important to keep in mind that the Sun sends us energy in the form of radiation, every day and at the front door.


Solar energy turns out to be the best energy that can be counted at the moment; It is inexhaustible and of great quality from an ecological point of view.


There are three ways to use solar energy:

  • Photosynthetic conversion: process by which plants produce organic substances from solar radiation, eliminating oxygen and consuming carbon dioxide, which in increasing quantities is the main cause of overheating of the Earth.

  • Photovoltaic conversion: direct transformation of solar energy into electricity.

  • Photothermal conversion: heating of a fluid (water, air) by solar energy.


The solar resource

Part of the energy that the Sun radiates around it reaches the surface of the Earth. This energy comes to us essentially in the form of electromagnetic waves like those used in radio or television broadcasts, but shorter wavelengths. This radiation consists of an overlap of waves whose lengths are between 0.25 microns (1 micron = 0.001 mm = 1 um) and 4 microns. Those used in the radio range from 1 meter to a few kilometers. That is, the shorter the wavelength, the greater the energy associated with the wave; hence the danger of ultraviolet rays and other shorter waves such as X-rays.


The density of solar radiation just outside the Earth's atmosphere is 1353 W per square meter of a surface perpendicular to the sun's rays. This value is known as the solar constant; but it varies from +/- 4%, depending on the time of the year (seasons).


The atmosphere dissipates part of the solar energy that comes from the Sun:

  • By molecular diffusion (especially for ultraviolet radiation).

  • By a diffuse reflection on aerosols (dust, small drops, etc.).

  • By gas absorption.


The lower the sun on the horizon, the greater the layer of air the rays must cross and the less energy that reaches the ground.


When the angle formed by the horizontal plane of the place with the sun's rays becomes less than 15º, it is useless to pretend to capture these rays. The thickness of air that must pass absorbs almost all the energy.


The various actions of the atmosphere eliminate most of the solar energy, especially in the ultraviolet and infrared domain.


Solar Innova is formed by a group of companies specializing in integrated product development photovoltaic solar energy.


We manufacture and market solar photovoltaic equipment, design and technical projects through our sales network, we run facilities "turnkey".


We have a comprehensive portfolio of services that support is to help our customers improve the efficiency of their facilities.


We help our clients solve business problems through technology, using it as a tool for business, developing empathy with our customers to solve their problems, adding value to our solutions, limiting and reducing risks, making commitments and being reliable.


We're proud to have our shareholders, customers, suppliers and professionals, and we are excited that our products and services can add value and help create a better than we have at present world.


Our values ​​(empathy, efficiency, caring for people, commitment, honesty and pursuit of excellence) are a reference and a framework for making our decisions.


Our goal is to be recognized in the market for the excellence and efficiency of our work, talent and empathy of our professionals, our commitment and honesty with our customers and treat people.


We use processes, proven methodologies and tools that allow us to bring the work from our production centers to each of our clients. Thus, we get adapt to the needs of particular business, and guarantee maximum transparency throughout the process.


Solar Innova Green Technology, S.L.


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Solar Innova Green Technology, S.L. (pdf)


Our Professionals

Solar Innova consists of a team of highly qualified professionals specialized in renewable energy that is committed to implementing clean energy that will enable sustainable growth and a more balanced for everyone, not forgetting the fair return on investment environmental future.


Department of Technical Services

It is responsible for coordinating the effective production department. To coordinate these effective, the department has production managers who exercise direct command over the workers and in turn are responsible for the daily planning of various activities in their charge.


For control and inspection work is an area of Occupational Risks in charge of performing the on-site safety conditions in the execution of the jobs they perform inspection operators.

Production Department

The production area, also called area or department operations, its main function is the assembly of the raw material in our finished products.

Department of Administration

It has a group of people specialized in administrative and accounting tasks and processes that deal with sales management control and accounting operations as well as an appreciation of the work, billing, etc.

Commercial Department

It is the department responsible for coordinating direct contact with our customers.


Thus facilitate a more direct and continuous, better support and a high degree of knowledge of the needs of each client, which in turn serves as a support for the development of new products and continuous improvement of already existing.


Our sales managers are responsible for managing the sales of our products to all countries.


Our entire business structure aims to ensure maximum speed of service and more personalized attention with the ultimate goal to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.


The organization described allows our companies a significant capacity for action, organization and control giving our customers quality services.


We have rigorous internal controls in order to offer the customer the best of ourselves.


Sustainable Future

Solar power is one of the most significant technologies being developed in the world today. This is definitely a good thing as every single day we are using conventional power to maintain our lifestyles. Many homes have four or more cell phones, laptops, TVs, gaming devices, DVDs and many other appliances which are all contributing to the Earth’s resources running out. People think that oil and coal are endless, but the fact is that one day these energy sources are exhausted.


Instead of draining the environment we should be embracing solar power technologies. Renewable energy is the key for a better future. The sun provides us with unimaginable quantities of energy on a daily basis, so learning to harness and use this clean, abundant energy is paramount for our survival. Conventional energy sources are expensive to use, and solar power is a lot cheaper as well as being eco friendly. If you install solar panels on your roof, you can save a considerable amount of money on their utility bills. This is a great way to save money and and reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.


By using the light and heat which comes naturally from the sun we can use solar power to heat out domestic water, light up our homes and produce enough electricity to power all of the various appliances that we have become reliant on. You can simply adapt your lifestyle so that you are getting the very best from your solar energy.


Fossil fuels such as oil and coal create a greenhouse effect and are most certainly a contributory factor towards global warming. This global warming is being taken seriously by governments, and for that reason there are many federal programs available where you can actually receive financial reward for installing solar power into your home or business. This means that it may not be as expensive as you think to have solar energy in your home.


In order to combat the greenhouse effect and to reduce contamination levels, we need to learn the importance and benefits of solar power technologies. Converting to solar energy is an investment, both financially and environmentally. We need to pull together to secure the future of our children and our grandchildren. Solar power is the cleanest, most abundant renewable energy and we should all be using it, or at the very least considering it for the immediate future.



Customer Satisfaction

The customer satisfaction is our utmost commitment, and he would spend all our time and effort, for it continuously control the quality of products and services.


Thanks to the ability we have to adapt our product range to market demands, we can offer our customers a broader range of solutions and varied.

Energy Efficiency

We are called to bring emissions of greenhouse gases and make more efficient use of natural resources brakes. Solar Innova contributes to these objectives from two perspectives: we work to reduce emissions in our production processes and offer our customers products that, when used, help reduce emissions. For us this is the way to grow and protect the climate at the same time.


Solar Innova manufactures and markets products and services that help businesses and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint.


Solar Innova products help our customers save energy, using less energy and thus contributing to improving the environment.


The main advantage reporting services Solar Innova comes from professional and skilled management, which allows obtaining higher and safer returns, reducing risk, optimizing and streamlining processes and, above all, preventing discomfort and concerns to their customers.




International Requirements

Solar Innova products have passed several international certification requirements and continue to improve the quality and performance with proven technologies. Quality is one of our core principles and the search for quality is the engine of business in the future, in an effort to continually offer better products.


Our products have been certified by internationally recognized laboratories and are proof of our strict adherence to international safety standards, long-term performance and overall product quality.

Quality Control

We have a quality control divided into three elements:

  • Regular inspections allow us to guarantee the quality of the raw material.

  • Quality control in the process of our manufacturing processes.

  • Quality control of finished products, we conduct through inspections and tests of reliability and performance.

ISO 9001


Our production facilities have been prepared in accordance with the provisions of ISO 9001, as to quality systems.


Solar Innova has a strong vocation for more than ever, true to its corporate policy to comply with all certification that meets industrial processes and manufacturing protocol and compliance with environmental requirements in relation to the manufacture of its products sustainability.


The ISO 9001 certification, an international standard that refers to the management system applied by the company in connection with the manufacture, implying that meets Innova Solar system quality management, in manufacturing and marketing their products.


Among the additions this certification provides companies values​​, it is the security that this gives customers because it shows that the company regularly provides products and services to meet the requirements demanded by the customer as well as statutory and regulatory requirements this certification means.


Similarly ISO 9001 mode adds more value added to companies materialize satisfaction, also by the customer through the effective implementation of systems that uses the entity, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer requirements.



ISO 9001 (pdf)

ISO 14001


Our production facilities have been prepared in accordance with the provisions of ISO 14001, in terms of environmental management systems.


ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that sets out how to implement an effective environmental management system (EMS) standard. The standard is designed to manage the delicate balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact. With the commitment of the entire organization, can achieve both goals.


This means you can identify aspects of the business that have an impact on the environment and understand those environmental laws that are relevant to this situation. The next step is to produce objectives for improvement and a management program to achieve them, with regular reviews for continual improvement. Thus, we can assess the system and, if compliant, register your company or headquarters for ISO 14001.


Environmental impact is becoming an important issue around the globe. The pressure to minimize that impact comes from many sources: local and national governments, regulatory bodies, industry associations, customers, employees and shareholders.



ISO 14001 (pdf)

ISO 45001


Our production facilities have been prepared in accordance with the provisions of ISO 45001 management system of health and safety at work.


A system for managing health and safety at work (OHSMS) promotes safe and healthy environments work by providing a framework that enables the organization to consistently identify and control its health and safety risks, reduce the potential for accidents, support enforcement and improve overall performance.


ISO 45001 is the internationally recognized assessment specification for environmental management systems for health and safety at work. A selection of the most important trade bodies, international standards bodies and certification are designed to cover the gaps where there is no certifiable international standard by an independent third party.


ISO 45001 has been designed to be compatible with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in order to help organizations effectively meet their obligations relating to health and safety.



ISO 45001 (pdf)


Research, Development and Innovation

Solar Innova bet every day for research and innovation, implementing these concepts in each of our projects. Therefore, Solar Innova has the technical capacity to implement R & D, either as leader or as a partner, providing the experience of a technological company and knowledge of our team of highly qualified professionals.


In addition, Solar Innova has a close working relationship with researchers, universities, R&D, etc. and counts among its client base of major multinational companies.


Manufacturing Facilities

To carry out the production process we have our own manufacturing plants.


We have two production plants to provide adequate service to each market.


We require our suppliers to the highest quality raw materials delivered to us, because they play a decisive role in the final result.



Solar Innova offers a complete logistics management system, coordinated by our customer service, available to identify and agree on the best solutions for the transport and delivery.


Logistics has become one of the decisive factors for the company’s competitiveness, paying great attention to all organizational activities and strategies governing the flow of materials and information.


Modern technology and professional management are the means that the company uses to store and handle raw materials with care and to prepare the finished product.


Shipments are based on specific packaging solutions for our products, designed to meet the needs of storage and use by our customers.


Customer service is also available to meet the needs that may arise, ensuring that attention to individual requests will be handled by Solar Innova with maximum flexibility and readiness.


Fast, punctual and dedicated services are the added value.



Solar Innova is continuously committed to improving the quality of our service.


We want our customers to choose Solar Innova again and again because we offer the same consistent level of quality in all products and services in every aspect of our business. Our goal is to always put our customers first and we understand that the little things matter a lot to offer our customers a service of excellence.



Claim Procedure (pdf)


International Presence

The Solar Innova global presence is growing, and has offices in Europe and Asia.


We have a team of sales managers, to offer our customers a professional service and closer.


Solar Innova also offers after-sales service to its customers anywhere in the world.


Solar Photovoltaic Energy - Company Profile (pdf)



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