Solar Innova achieves a new quality certification and compliance with International Electrotechnical Standard (IEC 61701) for monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar photovoltaic modules.


Solar PV panels are subjected to continuous outdoor exposure during their lifetime.


Highly corrosive wet atmospheres like marine environments could eventually degrade some of the PV panel components (corrosion of metallic parts, worsening of the properties of some non-metallic materials – such as protective coatings and plastics – by assimilation of salts, etc.) causing permanent damages that could affect their functioning.


Temporary corrosive atmospheres are also present in places where salt is used in winter periods to melt ice formations on streets and roads.


The IEC 61701 Standard describes test sequences used to determine the resistance of different solar PV panels to corrosion from salt mist containing Cl- (NaCl, MgCl2, etc.).


The solar PV panels are exposed to aggressive salt-spray conditions during a specified period. The solar module is passed, if it shows after the tests no visible traces of delamination, corrosion, yellowing, blistering or fractures and its electric output are not affected.


The positive result of the IEC 61701 Standard tests certifies that the tested solar PV panels can be utilized trouble-free near the sea, where there is high salt content in the air and in solar PV systems near to roads, which are loaded in winter periods by saline water spray.


Depending on the specific nature of the surrounding atmosphere to which the module is exposed in real operation several testing severities can be applied:

  • Severity 1: is intended to be used for PV modules used in a marine environment, or in close proximity to the sea.

  • Severity 2: is not suitable for PV modules as testing conditions are too weak (this severity is originally intended for products exposed to corrosive environments from time to time that are normally protected by an enclosure) and should be avoided when applying this IEC Standard.

  • Severidad 3-6: are intended for PV modules operating in locations where there could be a change between salt-laden and dry atmospheres, for examples in places where salt is used to melt ice formations.

Monocrystalline Modules

  • si-esf-m-m-iec61701


Certificate IEC/EN 61701 (pdf)

Polycrystalline Modules

  • si-esf-m-p-iec61701-es-1
  • si-esf-m-p-iec61701-es-2


Certificate IEC/EN 61701 (pdf)
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