Heat Pipe-4 tubesThanks to the concept of the vacuum tube, heat loss is practically zero.


The physical properties of the collector provides the operating principle of thermal diode so that it can provide heat in one direction,from collector to fluid.


The vacuum tubes that make up this collector are able to capture diffused sunlight on a cloudy day, allowing the unit to heat the fluid to usable levels.


Due to its dry connection, breakage or destruction of the collector is avoided since there is no fluid circulating through the tubes.


The aesthetics of the unit lends itself well to an easy integration with the architecture of most buildings.


Heat Pipe Technology enables an inclination angle from 15 to 90º, being able to project easily to countless applications such as production of hot water, pool heating, climate control, etc.


This collector consists of a series of small, individual boilers (each tube), so that repairs and replacements can be performed easily and inexpensively, simply by replacing the defective tube without stopping the installation.


The Heat Pipe collector enables the measuring of the temperature output without needing to install additional elements into the water circuit. It has an opening for inserting the sensor directly into the output.


This collector has exceptional qualities to adverse weather conditions, withstanding impacts of hail of 25 mm. and winds up to 120 Km./h.


It consists of 2 concentric tubes of borosilicate glass. These tubes exist between a pressure below 0,001 atmospheres, and there is also an absorbing layer on the inner tube that captures the sun's rays and provides tremendous heat.


This system uses a sealed heat pipe containing a nontoxic liquid that vaporizes when heated. The vapor rises to a head where it transfers heat to the fluid flowing around it. As cold water flowes around the hot tube, the cooled vapors inside the tube condense and falls back into liquid form to start the same process again, thus simulating the natural cycle of rain.



Technical Data

Performance Graphs

Captadores Heat Pipe-Rendimientos

Instantaneous efficiency curve based on irradiation of 800 W/m2, and opening area of 0.936 m2


Heat Pipe Connection


Installation Orientation


  • 003003
  • 004004
  • 005005
  • 006006
  • 010010
  • 011011
  • 012012
  • 020020
  • 023023




Our manufacturing plants have been prepared in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008, in terms of Quality Management Systems.


Our manufacturing plants have been prepared in accordance with the ISO 14001:2004, in terms of Environmental Management System.


Our manufacturing plants have been prepared in accordance with the OHSAS 18001:2007, in terms of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.


We have a quality control divided into three elements:

  • Regular inspections allow us to guarantee the quality of the raw material.

  • Quality control in the process of our manufacturing procedures.

  • Quality control of finished products, we conduct through inspections and tests of reliability and performance.

The collector solar thermal have passed several international certification requirements and continue to improve the quality and performance of our products of proven technologies. Quality is one of our core principles and the pursuit of quality is the engine of the company's future, in their desire to continually offer better products.


Our solar thermal collectors are certified by internationally recognized laboratories and are proof of our strict adherence to international safety standards, long term performance and overall quality of products.


ISO 9001:2008



SQCC CNAS IAF  ISO 9001:2008

ISO 14001:2004





Manufacturing Defects

  • 5 years.






Cartón ondulado + Poliexpan


Dimensiones (Largo x Ancho x Alto)

980 x 560 x 620 mm

Container 20’


Container 40’



Technical Data Sheets

Spain-Certification of Solar Thermal Collectors