The Pump Station is mainly used for pressurized solar system containing a heat exchanger in the storage tank and recirculation system for heat exchange fluid.


The measured values of pressure and temperature can be read directly on the gauge/thermometer and flow values in the sights of flow control, with direct indication in liters/minute volume adjusted step.


The liquid filling the primary circuit is made from the pumping station and the filling procedure can be performed with a fast process. This device has a simple, compact design, easy to install and maintain. Includes mounting material.



Technical Data

  • Temperature of service: between - 25 ~ + 120º C.

  • Maximum gauge pressure: 10 bars.

  • Pressure safety valve: 8 bars.

  • Safety valve and Keys step: brass.

  • Interior Parts: stainless steel, brass and pvc.

  • Flowmeter: borosilicate glass and brass.

  • Thread connection: ½" male with nut and brass.

  • Additive substances to a mixture of water and conventional additives for protection against corrosion and frost.

  • Viscosity of the substance for the circuit v = 2.3 mm²/s


  • Height: 510 mm.

  • Width: 160 mm.

  • Thickness: 140 mm.


  • Temperature and pressure gauge.

  • Safety valve.

  • Circulation pump: Wilo Star RS 15/6.

  • Non-return valve.

  • Keys closure.

  • Flowmeter.

  • Hydraulic connections: expansion tank.



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Our manufacturing plants have been prepared in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 in terms of Quality Management Systems.


Our manufacturing plants have been prepared in accordance with the ISO 14001:2004 in terms of Environmental Management System.


We have a quality control divided into three elements:

  • Regular inspections allow us to guarantee the quality of the raw material.

  • Quality control in the process of our manufacturing procedures.

  • Quality control of finished products, we conduct through inspections and tests of reliability and performance.

The solar thermal pump station have passed several international certification requirements and continue to improve the quality and performance of our products of proven technologies. Quality is one of our core principles and the pursuit of quality is the engine of the company's future, in their desire to continually offer better products.


Our solar thermal pump station are certified by internationally recognized laboratories and are proof of our strict adherence to international safety standards, long term performance and overall quality of products.


ISO 9001:2008





ISO 14001:2004





Manufacturing Defects

  • 2 years.



Technical Data (pdf)