• Place of installation: flat roof.

  • Height: depending on the order.

  • Frame of the module: depending on the order.

  • Maximum wind load: 130 km/h.

  • Maximum snow load: 1 kN/m2.

  • Type of module: with frame.

  • Module orientation: horizontal.

  • Module size: all.

  • Material: aluminium alloy.

  • Color: natural.



  • Install the frame. Connect the frame and the beam in "L" angle and screws.


  • Install the top bracket. Connect the beam, the bottom bracket and fitted with screws.


  • Place the load evenly, as shown in Figure. Note: Make sure the assembly is in good stead.


  • Install the rails. Connect the rails and the upper bracket with T-bolts, as shown in Figure.


  • The solar modules can be installed with clamps.


  • 001
  • 002
  • 003
  • 004
  • 005



Our manufacturing plants have been prepared in accordance with:

  • ISO 9001, in terms of Quality Management Systems.

  • ISO 14001, in terms of Environmental Management System.

  • OHSAS 18001, in terms of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.


We have a quality control divided into three elements:

  • Regular inspections allow us to guarantee the quality of the raw material.

  • Quality control in the process of our manufacturing procedures.

  • Quality control of finished products, we conduct through inspections and tests of reliability and performance.



ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001



Manufacturing Defects

  • 15 years.






Container 20’


Container 40’



Technical Data Sheets

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