The solar air conditioning works basically like the traditional one, only that the photovoltaic solar modules are the ones that give the necessary energy to be able to work.


These hybrid air conditioning systems are powered at the same time with grid power and with the energy produced by photovoltaic solar panels.


This peculiarity achieves that when the heat is higher during the day (in the hours of greater solar radiation), less consumption, reaching savings of up to 50% in the energy consumed.


This advanced technology is reflected in the use of a DC Inverter motor both in the compressor and in the fans of the indoor and outdoor units, which allows to obtain a high efficiency, thus reducing energy consumption, which represents a significant saving for the user.


Thanks to the continuous technological development of the range it has been possible to obtain intelligent equipment that thanks to the multiple functions achieve a continuous balance according to the needs, (more constant temperature, a high level of savings, less noise, etc.), to always contribute the maximum welfare to the user.



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