Integrated Management Policy Quality, Environment Safety and Healt at Work

The company Solar Innova chaired by the Managing Director (DG) has decided to promote and spread to all levels of the company with an Integrated Quality, Environment, Safety and Health (OSH) to be the guide for the achieving our main objective:


Guarantee our customers quality and service, while maintaining a high Balancing Development and Nature


Our Policy provides the following guidelines:

  • Meet the requirements requested by customers as well as regulatory and/or legal issues that are applicable, and others to which we have subscribed.

  • Develop activities within an area completely environmentally , under the principle of pollution prevention.

  • Ensure development of activities within a safe environment for workers, under the principle of protecting their safety and health from the risks that have not been eliminated.

  • Keep Integrated Management System in search of continuous improvement as the backbone of our activities.

To achieve these guidelines, Innova Solar commit to:

  • Making a commitment to maintain a policy of quality, environment and OHS as a reference in setting the goals of quality, environment and OHS.

  • Making a commitment to meet the Quality Policy , Environment and SST and lead the development , implementation and improvement of the management system.

  • Making a commitment to review the present policy to adapt to new requirements and making them available to any company or institution or party who requests it.

  • Making a commitment to comply with applicable legal requirements and any other requirements SST to accede Solar Innova.

  • Making a commitment to allocate the necessary human and technical resources to maintain continuous contact with our customers and the market, to meet their needs and to adapt to them.

  • A commitment to ensure the prevention of damage and deterioration of health, ensure continuous improvement of the management and performance of the SST.

  • Making a commitment to establish the necessary measures to achieve the satisfaction of our staff and maintain good working environment. In Innova Solar , we are committed to promoting participation and training.

  • Making a commitment to manage a demanding and vital resources efficiently: Water, Energy, allocating the necessary and feasible.

  • A commitment to develop our activities to minimize the generation of waste, effluents and emissions.

  • Maintain strict control of significant environmental aspects , to minimize any impact.

  • Making a commitment to have as the primary basis of always avoid combat risks at source and prioritizing replacing the dangerous by involving little or no danger.

  • Making a commitment to do everything possible to reduce the possibility of accidents and occupational diseases, and to improve working conditions.

  • Making a commitment to any worker with his staff, which will be responsible, know and enforce prevention rules affecting their work.

  • Making a commitment to adapting the work to the person, if possible permanently considering technical developments.

  • Making a commitment to use individual protection always as a last resort, trying to prioritize collective protection measures , whenever feasible.

  • Making a commitment to properly inform and instruct workers about the rules and safeguards in place for the development of their work and their participation in all matters affecting the SST.

  • A commitment to interventions aimed at the establishment of good human relationships that help create a good psychological climate.

The company Solar Innova signs this policy and is committed to maintain and extend the general public the contents of this policy.


Novelda (Alicante) Spain, 10/06/2012


Integrated Management Policy Quality, Environment Safety and Healt at Work (pdf)
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